Maxxis Tubes

Maxxis Tubes are just as tough as the tyres we create. The superiority of our tubes comes from the fact that the core rubber compounds of our tyres are sourced from the world leaders in Oil and Gas - ExxonMobile. Their superior and responsible technology matches with our relentless vision to give your wandering heart, a highly durable, safe and environment friendly range of tubes that are notches above other brands in the market.

Maxx Tube Life

Maxxis Tubes combines world class Exxon Butyl & Exxon Bromobutyl rubber along with its unique manufacturing process to give 30% more life to the tubes.

Maxx Tube Performance

Maxxis Tubes allow for higher air retention and lesser permeability which notches up the performance by 13% over any other competitive brand.

Maxx Tube Life

Butyl has an extremely high tensile strength, helping the inner liners to maintain optimal air pressure. Bromobutyl provides stable strength through carbon-carbon linking. Together they give your tyres the resilience to weather any road. The high molecular weight of the rubber give good flex fatigue and excellent air barrier performance that ensure there are fewer leaks and superior temperature resistance.

Maxx Tube Performance

Our unique processing technology and the superiority of the rubber compounds ensure that the tyres don’t age fast. The high molecular structures of Butyl rubber provide excellent air -barrier performance and pronounced resistance to heat and oxidation. This in turn gives your tyres, longevity and higher performance than any other tubes in its league.

Maxx Match

Butyl and Bromobutyl are used by almost all tyre companies. But the difference is knowing whom to source the best quality from. We source them from the world leaders - ExxonMobile. And then comes the art of using superior technology and cutting edge processes to create magic on roads!

The inherent properties of both Butyl and Bromobutyl amp up the power of your tyre. Both the compounds have the right amount of flexibility, durability and a broad range of durometer and tensile strength properties. Matched with Maxxis’ world class processing assembly-line, you get the best range of tubes that not just give you value for money but are environment friendly, every step of the way.


Exxon Butyl rubber is the foundation of the world rubber technology. A copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene, Butyl offer a highly saturated backbone for tyres, providing excellent air barrier performance, good flex fatigue and vibration damping. Its high temperature resistance and wide vulcanization properties among others, ensure that tyres last much longer, decrease fuel consumption and provide superior braking. In short, you get durability, environment friendliness and safety in every tube that comes from our stable.


Exxon Bromobutyl is derived by halogenating butyl rubber with bromine through a specific process. Exxon Bromobutyl, as compared to regular butyl rubber, offers a range of polymer viscosities and faster curing ability that ensures that your tyres are protected against air leakages, gases and moisture, thus adding years to the life of your tyre. Its heat and temperature resistance combined with fast curing abilities make Bromobutyl perfect for the inner lining of your tyres with fast adherence to unsaturated rubber and excellent resistance to weather, heat and temperature variations.

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Tube Pattern Size Group
A12945 2.75-17 Tube
A12945 2.75-18 Tube
A12945 3.00-17 Tube
A12945 3.00-18 Tube